Thursday, June 16, 2011

Late Taxi

To be able to be on time for our flight to India, we had to take the earliest flight out of Phuket. Our flight was around 6:50AM so we had arrainged for a taxi to pick us up at 4:45. Huyen and I left our hotel room at 4:30 and walked to the lobby. As we were walking, a Thai hooker came out of the hotel room a couple of doors down from ours and walked a few feet behind us. She clearly wasn't a rookie as it seemed like the guy behind the front desk knew her well. Oh, Thailand.

Anyway, per usual, I was early for an appointment. However, the taxi driver was no August and showed up a solid 25 minutes late. Naturally I started to panic that we were gonna miss our flight since the airport was 50 minutes away. The front desk called the taxi company and they said the guy was on his way. Clearly we woke the guy up because he showed up in a wife-beater, looking like he had gone to bed within the hour. Yeah, not exactly the guy you want driving you to the airport...especially when he now has to speed/run red lights to get you there on time.

Luckily, we made it to the airport on time, checked-in were able to eat a quick breakfast (which the nice 4 star hotel had packed for us) and then jump on the plane and say goodbye to Phuket.

Huyen and I had fun on the island but it's definitely not my favorite spot in Thailand. If for some reason you're reading my blog and trying to decide which Thai island to go to, I'd skip Phuket and head to Ko Phanang.