Thursday, April 2, 2009

11 Months

I know everyone must be confused that there wasn't a cheesy montage video yesterday about Huyen and I celebrating our 11 month anniversary. I thought I would take a month off and then throw together a big, over-the-top video for our one year anniversary. However, once you've put monthiversaries into action they can't just stop themselves.

At 6:58AM yesterday my cell phone rang. It was Huyen: "Can you come open the front door?" I was shocked that Huyen was at my house for many reasons:

1. Huyen had slept the night before at her sister's house which is about 25 minutes away from my house.

2. 99% of Vietnamese people wake up at 5AM and do morning exercises. Huyen is in the 1% of Vietnamese who sleep till the very last minute possible, hit snooze anyway one time and then rush off to work. 6:58 is 17 minutes before Huyen ever wakes up. AND since she was at her sister's that meant she woke up even earlier!

3. It was pouring rain outside.

When I went downstairs, Huyen was standing outside with an assortment of bags attached to her motorbike. She greeted me with a giant smiling, "HAPPY 11 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!", gave me a kiss and handed me 11 red roses. She then told me that she bought my "favorite eleven things from Vietnam." Huyen had gone to the market and bought an assortment of my favorite breakfast foods and fruits including my two favorite types of sticky rice, banh gio (a pork dumpling type thing), pineapple, na (my favorite new fruit), passion fruit, oranges, grapefruit, watermelon, and a fruit I've never seen (she assured me it'll be one of my new favorite things in Vietnam).

Yeah, I'm gonna say it: Best. Girlfriend. Ever.
(PICTURE: That's not a peace sign. That's two ones next to each other -- 11!!!)