Monday, September 29, 2008

Dinner With A Celebrity

(PJ holding a bootleg copy of his show's DVD. Sadly for him he'll see no residuals from this Chinese rip off DVD set.)

Twice over the last month I've had dinner with random fans of ahoyhanoi who have been in town. They have emailed me for advice about Hanoi and asked if I'd like to join them for dinner. I knew it would break their hearts if I said no, so I helped make their dreams comes true.

Well, this past week I got my chance to have dinner with a celebrity -- my friend Paul James, star of ABC Family's Greek came for a visit (Feel free to check out PJ's IMDB page: ).

About a month or two ago I emailed PJ saying that I saw a bootleg copy of Greek Season I on the streets of the Old Quarter. To be honest, I'm pretty sure he came to visit just to see the bootleg copy since it was the first sight we saw the morning after he arrived. After picking up the copy PJ started to hysterically laugh. There were some glaring errors on the DVD. Here's just a few that I remember:

1. The four names on the top of the DVD included PJ, two other stars of the show, and one random extra who had appeared on an episode.

2. The back had a glowing review from Roeper and Ebert giving the show, "Two Thumbs Up." One problem, those guys don't review TV shows.

3. The back of the DVD also said it featured a new hit song by Emminem. Yeah, no such song inside.

Anyway, the highlight of picking up the DVD was when I pointed out to the shop owner that PJ was on the cover of the box (it's hard to see from this picture but he's in the red cup on the top left and on the back of the DVD). The lady smiled from ear to ear and pointed at PJ, "You." PJ smiled and said yes. He clearly made her day...although she still charged him full price.