Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

(PICTURE: Mom and I at Zev's Rehearsal Dinner. NOTE: The problem with having all your stuff stolen is that pictures are hard to come by and snapfish only allows you to steal tiny ones from your albums like this one)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I tell you every single year, and I'll tell you again (this time for the whole world, AKA ten friends, to read): I could not imagine a more wonderful, caring, loving mother in the world than you. You're not just an amazing mother but an amazing person too. I love you!

I know you wish I could be home to have dinner with you tonight but instead think on the positive side: The great thing about having a child in Vietnam is that you get to celebrate Mother's Day for an extra day since we live in the future over here!

Please send my love to Grandma and Nanny too. Hannah/Zev, give them both a big hug and kiss for me.