Monday, July 7, 2008

Lonely Planet

The book on the left is far and away the most common book you'll see in Vietnam--The Lonely Planet guide. This isn't a Lonely Planet endorsement by any means since for the most part I disagree with many of its food recommendations. This is purely a comment about the cover. I've talked to more than a few tourists/backpackers who have mentioned the odd cover choice. Most travel books usually have a very recognizable landmark or unique cultural image on the front cover. The 'Nam book however has this random woman having the time of her life on some green train. I've heard it said a few times, "I've never seen a green train like that in Vietnam." Well the other day I was waiting at a train crossing when this steam rolls by:

Okay, only half the train is green and there's no cute Vietnamese girl laughing her face off but it's close.