Monday, March 23, 2009

(400) Days of Ahoy Hanoi

(PICTURE: Hanoi is celebrating Ahoy Hanoi's 400th entry! Ignore the wrong date on the bottom right of the picture.)

This is my 400th blog entry. Yes, 400th. I know, it's insane. The cool thing about hitting the 400 mark is that it allows me to post a lazy entry about my blog's data. Unfortunately I only signed
up to google analytics in September so these stats are for only for half the time the blog has existed. Yes, excuses excuses....

According to google analytics:

- Ahoy Hanoi has had 4,062 unique visitors.

- Ahoy Hanoi has had 27,675 page views.

- The average person spends 2 minutes and 55 seconds on the blog.

- Ahoy Hanoi is being read in 81 countries.

- In South America the blog has been read in Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uraguay. Screw you Paraguay, Guyana (French Guyana too!) and Suriname.

- Ahoy Hanoi is being read in Iran but it is not being read in North Korea. Screw you Kim Jong-il.

- Ahoy Hanoi is being read in "48 States". However, Alalytics is also telling me that it has never been read in South Dakota, Delaware, Arkansas or Mississippi. It is including Washington D.C. and unknown IP addresses as states. I know in the past I didn't mention Delaware but come on, it's Delaware.

- Ahoy Hanoi has been read in 41 languages (I don't really know what that means but it's a figure on Analytics).

- 75.84% of readers are return visitors.

- The first inappropriate words googled to get to my blog are: "Hanoi Sex Massage." This is the 16th most common google to find my blog. I'm happy to report that out of the people who have found my blog this way, the average person has continued to read my page for 59 seconds. I guess they were literally able to wait a minute to have sex.

Thanks for everyone for continuing to read my blog!