Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Talented Mr. Sokolowski

(PICTURE: Since Sebastian gave this kid a few tips, the kid has one six major photographic competitions in southeast Asia.)

A couple of weeks before our wedding, Sebastian sent me an email asking what he could give us as a wedding present. I told him that if he could just take some pictures and be our unofficial photographer that would be amazing. You see, when Sebastian was out here in 2009 he took a bunch of photos that are probably 90% of my top twenty favorite shots of my time in Hanoi. In fact, one of Sebastian's pictures has been my screensaver for two years now and Huyen's father has a picture on the wall of their house that Sebastian took. It's the only photo of anyone that hangs at their house. That's all to say that Sebastian has more photographic talent in his pointer finger (that's the one you use to push the camera button, right) then I have in my whole body.

As far as the picture he took, well, they're awesome. Overall during his travels, Sebastian took 6,000 photos. Out of those, probably half were of our wedding festivities and honeymoon. Recently Sebastian sent me a link to the photos and Huyen and I sat there marveling at nearly every shot*. Not only did we have a great friend come to our wedding, but we lucked out and had an amazing photographer come too!

* None of the pictures I've been posting are Sebastian's photos. He is sending me a DVD with all of the photos so I don't have copies of the shots yet.