Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Sane!!!!!

It's official -- I'm sane. Well, at least according to the Vietnamese government. Huyen and I are currently immersed in the process of getting legally married in Vietnam. The goal is to get married here and then begin the immigration process to go to the USA. Ideally we'll be legally married in about a month or so and then given the green light to enter America somewhere around December. In a perfect bureaucracy-free world, we'll be able to go back to America shortly after our wedding in December.

Anyway, to get legally married here requires lots of steps. One of the first steps was to take a medical/psychological test at a Hanoi hospital. I'm happy to report that Huyen and I both passed with flying colors. Check out my report:

It's nice to know that I've got no respiratory, cardio-vascular, mental, contagious, hereditary and sexual diseases. I must admit though that I had always thought it took more than listening to someone's heart and taking their blood pressure to come to medical conclusions like these.