Tuesday, February 2, 2010

20 Months!

Yup, it's another monthly anniversary for Huyen and me. I thought instead of the usual cheesy video I would do something equally cheesy but perhaps hilarious -- I just did a google search for, "20 funny questions about your significant other" and clicked on the first link. Oddly the link only had fifteen questions but here they are:

1. Do you remember what your spouse was wearing the last time you saw them? (Whether it was before one or the both of you dashed off to work, left for a business trip, or left to run errands.) What color shirt, sweater or blouse did they have on? Or, for the truly astute, which shoes were they wearing?

ANSWER: Blue jeans, black jacket, blue helmet, white sneakers, checkered mask.

2. What's your spouse's favorite kind of movie?

ANSWER: Comedy movies and movies that have people dancing. Her least favorite movie genre is horror movies.

3. What were your spouse's favorite TV shows to watch growing up?

ANSWER: None. She had no TV. Actually, I know she had no toilet but she actually might have had a TV. I've got to research this one.

4. What kind of deodorant scents does your spouse NOT like?

ANSWER: No idea. Deodorant isn't used as much here as in the states since Vietnamese don't really sweat/smell like westerners.

5. Has your spouse ever voted?

ANSWER: No chance. There are no elections here except for maybe grade school student council. Actually, I've got to ask if they have that here.

5a. Do you know who they voted for in the last election they participated in? (Be it a local one, one of the recent presidential primaries, or the last presidential election.)

ANSWER: N/A. Her first election though might be for an American Idol when she comes to the states.

6. Do you know if your spouse has a blog anywhere on the Internet?

ANSWER: Some might say that ahoyhanoi is really her blog since, well, what man writes monthly anniversaries.

6a. If they do have a blog, what was the last thing they wrote about?

ANSWER: N/A but she has commented on my blog quite a few times.

7. What is your spouse's favorite candy?

ANSWER: Huyen prefers fruit.

8. Which type of chocolate do they prefer? (Milk, white, dark.)

ANSWER: Whichever I happen to be eating and she can steal.

8a. If they like chocolate, do they have a favorite chocolatier?

ANSWER: Not that I know of but reading that question makes me want to show her Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory.

9. When was the last time you watched a sunset together?

ANSWER: In Myanmar this past summer.

10. When was the last time you caught a sunrise together?

ANSWER: On the train to Hue for her sister's wedding...although I think Huyen might have been sleeping which probably doesn't count. Otherwise I can't think of any which is strange since we're always up before sunrise. Sadly in Hanoi you can't really see the sun.

11. When was the last time you used your spouse's nickname?

ANSWER: I have a hard enough time pronouncing her real name let alone learning a nickname!

12. When was the last time you paid your spouse a compliment? What was it?

ANSWER: Every day I compliment her that she has great taste in men.

13. Do you remember the last time your spouse cried and what made him or her cry?

ANSWER: Yes. You can read the funeral blogs from a few weeks ago.

14. Do you remember the last laugh you had together and what caused it?

ANSWER: I've never laughed with anyone as much as I laugh with Huyen. This morning we laughed about the card game we played last night. I had a come from behind victory in Gin Rummy 500.

15. Do you know if your spouse has ever had a professional massage? Do you know if they even want one?

ANSWER: We have had quite a few massages together in Hanoi. She had never had one before but now loves them.

Okay, that wasn't too bad.

Happy 20 Month Anniversary, Huyen!