Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belated Birthday Blog

(PICTURE: I swear I had nothing to do with the writing on this cake.)

I had promised on January 10th that I would eventually blog about Huyen's birthday. I'm so far behind on my blogs that I'm just getting around to this a month and two weeks later. Well, to celebrate Huyen's birthday I planned a small surprise party for her. I had called her friend Hang and asked her to call Huyen's friends and to have them meet us at our favorite goat hot pot place. The one problem with this place is that it's all outdoor seating so there isn't a good place for people to run out and surprise a birthday girl. Luckily Huyen didn't see her friends sitting outside when we first pulled up to the restaurant. Immediately I turned her around and pretended that I had something in my eye. Huyen was very concerned for my eye but equally confused why I was slowly pushing her backwards. When she eventually turned around she saw everyone and got a very big surprise. It was pretty awesome because she had NO CLUE that I had planned a party.

(PICTURE: Huyen's first surprise party.)

However, I decided that one surprise party wasn't enough. The next night, on her actual birthday, I planned another party with all of our Apex students. When Huyen arrived to our class (she always comes late to our TOEFL class because of work) we were all ready and waiting with cake and candles. Again, Huyen had no clue that a party was planned and got a second great surprise.

(PICTURE: Huyen's second surprise party.)