Saturday, March 12, 2011


Pretend that you didn't look at the title of this post. Great, thanks. Now, look at this picture:

What do you think it is?
A) Random children's drawings on a wall

B) Ancient hieroglyphics left on Earth by visiting aliens

C) The blueprints for Huyen's parents' new house

I know you cheated and look at the title of this post so yes, the answer is C.

Ever time I entered Huyen's parents' house I got a slight chuckle looking at the "blueprints" on the neighbor's side wall. The guys who built the house literally drew up the plans on the side of the neighbor's house!!!! Sure, they've probably built dozens of the same style house but at least you'd hope they would use a ruler when making chalk blue prints!

As I said, I would laugh when entering the house. However, when laying in bed on the second floor I would suddenly have a scary epiphany: "This house was built using blueprints on the side of a wall!!!!".