Friday, June 5, 2009

The Rainy Season

I thought I left Vietnam. Since I came home it's been, well, not summer weather. For the last few days the weather has felt a lot like Hanoi's rainy season. It has rained nearly every day this past week and we've even had some thunder and lightning.

One thing that I don't miss about Vietnam is riding my bike during lightning storms. I always remember being told as a kid that if lightning hit our car, we'd be fine since our car is grounded with its rubber tires. Science was never my strongest subject, but I'm pretty sure despite my motorbikes' rubber tires, I'd be toast if lightning hit me on my motorbike.

Today I will be driving down to Cape May, New Jersey for the first of two friends' weddings. Luckily I'll be driving the 3+ hours in a car. The thought of having to do the same on a motorbike gives me the shivers.

Vietnamese Rain Fact: Huyen told me that when it rains, if you look at the ground and bubbles come out of a puddle, that means it is going to rain for a long time.