Thursday, June 26, 2008

They Don't Use Bagel Cutters In 'Nam

Every time I see Huyen use a knife in my kitchen my mother's voice echoes in my head, "Be careful!" Huyen's skills with a blade are ridiculous. A few thoughts struck me yesterday as I watched her go to town on a passion fruit with the sharpest knife in my kitchen:

1. I would have lost two fingers if I cut a passion fruit like that.
2. This is why they don't have bagel cutters in 'Nam.
3. If girls were this good with a knife/blade/shiv in the States domestic violence would go down. Lorena Bobbit-ing would become a commonly used verb.
4. How were we ever supposed to win a war here if the people can do this without flinching?

(VIDEO: Yes, I look gross again. That's the problem with having just been wearing a helmet while simultaneously sweating profusely in one hundred degree weather. Also the sound quality isn't great at the beginning of this but gets better.)