Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mom and Dad Meet Huyen

Probably the worst time to introduce your girlfriend to your parents is right after they've flown for twenty four hours and sit down in comfortable chairs for the first time. My parents were both zonked out when Huyen came in. Here are my favorite parts of this video:

1. Huyen asking what my parents' names are and not knowing my last name. (Truth check: she knows my full name but later was confused on why you call someone's parents Mr. and Mrs. because it's, "Too formal.")

2. My parents not getting up. In their defense they fell asleep about two seconds after we left the room.

3. My annoying nervous laughter. I must get it from my sister.

4. The occasional glances of my cousin Justin smiling in the background.

Huyen invited my parents for coffee later in the day when she finished work and I was still at work. Prior to meeting up with Huyen my Dad took a pain killer pill (I'm pretty sure for his ailing back and not because she's a goy) and promtly fell asleep at the cafe while dripping with sweat. Literally my mother had to push him back in his chair since he started to fall out of it while off in sleepy-land. This scared the hell out of Huyen who keeps texting/asking me how my Dad is feeling.

When I finished work, Mom, Huyen, Justin, Ryan and I all went to dinner. A little more awake, Mom and Huyen seemed to be bonding: