Friday, May 6, 2011

Roadside Noodles

(PICTURE: Noodles drying on the side of the road.)

I always heard people in Vietnam saying how different the north, center and south are but you really get a sense of it when you're physically going through all the regions. One of the coolest things on our trip was seeing/eating all of the different food around Vietnam. Even something so simple as noodles varies in all of the different regions. For example, the cut and texture of pho isn't the same in every province. And don't even get me (or really Huyen) started on the broth!

The picture above was taken while driving through a small city in the center of Vietnam. As intersting as it was to see the noodles drying, it also turned my stomach a little since this was one of the dirtier roads we traveled on in that region. Ever time a truck went by and its fumes poured out of its tailpipe, I thought to myself, "eating that can't be that healthy."