Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wait In The Shade

Here's a common site in Vietnam:

(PICTURE: Notice how no bikes are stopped in the bright white areas.)

Whenever Vietnamese approach a traffic light, they'll stop wherever there is shade. The particular picture above is from one of the busier intersections in Hanoi. Although there are usually a hundred bikes waiting to go on a green, everyone there stays far back from the light so that they can relax in the shade for a minute.

It's no secret that most Vietnamese/Asians do not like to get suntanned. What I find hilarious though is that when the sun is not out, people act like their houses are on fire and have to get to the absolute front of the line. However, throw a little sun into the equation and people are more than happy to arrive somewhere ten seconds later as long as they didn't get any unnecessary vitamin D.