Monday, April 21, 2008

Shop Till You Drop!

(PICTURE: Getting my foot measured for my custom made shoes.)

Two nights ago Ryan, Steve and I took an eleven hour sleeping bus from Nha Trang to Hoi An. I use the word "sleeping" very loosely when talking about the bus since we were jostled back and forth at every turn and the bus honked its ear-drum shattering horn every time it passed a motorbike or car. After stealing a few hours of sleep we arrived in Hoi An at 6AM and checked into the first hotel that we were harassed to stay at.

Hoi An is a really small city but packed within it are over 400 tailor shops. Basically you can walk into any shop, point at a picture from a magazine and the tailor will make you an exact copy with whatever fabric you choose. Because this is my birthday week (and I'm going to need some nice clothes to teach in) I decided to splurge and gave myself a budget of $250. Well, $250 goes a long way and thus far I've bought:
1. A brand new suit and shirt
2. Linen Pants. Yeah, I don't know why since I've never liked or owned linen pants.
3. Two shirts in the style of my favorite button down shirt (two big breast pockets and lapels)
4. Handmade black dress moccasins.
5. A pair or slacks. 

Well, shopping is exhausting. I finally know what Carrie Bradshaw was talking about all these years. Somehow I managed to stay awake the hole day but not everyone was as fortunate. At dinner Song began to nod off and had to take a walk. The fresh river air didn't wake him up because when we went to drinks he proceeded to pass out every ten seconds. I've got about ten videos of him nodding off but unfortunately whenever I try and upload them some message comes up in Vietnamese. The only words I recognize are the first two, "Xin Loi." It means sorry. Clearly something isn't working with the video. Hopefully I can figure out the problem so everyone can enjoy me dancing over a sleeping Song. 

Off to pick up some clothes!