Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Carrying Giant Vases

(PICTURE: An unusual site in Huyen's village -- a foreigner doing manual labor.)

After unloading all the stuff at Huyen's parents house, I was told we had to bring some things over to the new house in the village. The problem with the house in the village is that the street isn't drivable. This meant I had to lug a whole bunch of heavy things down the small alley. Whereas earlier in the day we had a teamwork element to moving things, at this point I found myself carrying everything by myself.

Sure enough the site of me carrying giant vases down the alley brought out all the locals. Every time I would make another trip back to the truck, a few more old heads would pop out of the alleys and start smiling, waving and talking to me. Clearly nobody there is used to seeing foreign people doing manual labor in their village.