Monday, October 20, 2008

I Head-Butted A Girl In The Face

I'm still on my motorbike trip with Justin and thus haven't had access to email or been able to download any pictures. However, after traveling for 11 hours yesterday through rice paddies and a national park (details on this once I get back) we decided to treat ourselves to the nicest hotel in Thanh Hoa. This place is a palace for the whopping cost of $20 a night which includes free internet.

That said, I thought I'd share a quick anecdote from the other night. While in Mai Chau, Justin and I befriended about forty Vietnamese college students. The majority of the students were girls and aged 19. Well, I was talking to two girls when a giant preying mantis landed on my shoulder. Naturally I said, "Whoah!" One of the two girls saw the insect and flicked it...right into my face. As it hit my cheek I instinctively shot my head forward and HEAD-BUTTED the other girl in the face. When I say head-butted, I mean head-butted. It was a powerful slam of my forehead into hers. Somehow though I ended up being the one hurt. The bone around my eye socket is extremely sensitive to the touch even forty eight hours later. I apologized to the girl who in turned apologized to me over and over again. In the end I conceded -- it was her fault.