Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Masters of Impersonation

Another day, another video you really can't see. This is really something I think the wedding guests will appreciate and everyone else will say, "You all drank too much weird rice wine to think this was funny." Well, perhaps sadly, we really didn't drink much wine but still found this to be hilarious at the time. Unfortunately I turned my camera on too late as I missed the cream of the crop impersonations. Here's the gist of what you're going to listen to: Lily and George, two of our two Australian guests, were asked what they think of American accents. Soon enough someone asked them if they could impersonate Americans. Well, that turned into George impersonating a Canadian while Lily did her best American voice (which definitely sounds like a lot of Southern Californian girls I met while living in LA). The beauty of this part of the impersonation though is that it evolved into them doing American/Canadian people impersonating Australian people. Wrap your head around that while listening to this: