Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Russ and Noah!

The 30th Birthday train continues to roll in April. Happy birthday to Russ and Noah!

Russ turning thirty isn't a big deal. We all honestly thought he was thirty in middle school since he was the only kid who had a goatee. Here's a picture of Russ and the future mother of his children:

Noah has been one of my best friends since my family moved across the tracks in Livingston. There is nobody in this world who can beat Noah when it comes to a combination of having a good heart and a smart brain. The guy is just awesome...and for a guy who we used to call "Noah-nerd", he's surprisingly really great at sports too. That said, for Noah's 30th birthday this year I'm going to beat him in tennis. I'm not exactly sure how, but it is going to happen. So, ah, Noah, can you make a reservation at your club this summer? And do I need to pre-order a BLT sandwich? Here's Noah with the future mother of his children:

Happy Birthday, guys!!!

Oh and yes, at 30 nearly everyone has pictures of the future mother of their children.