Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bye Bye Byron

There is a lot of pressure with blogging. My fans are very demanding that I blog nearly every day, and preferably hourly. By my fans, I of course mean my mother.

I've just spent two great days in Byron. The weather here made up for the constant rain in Sydney. It's been absolutely gorgeous from sunrise to sunset. I've read about how Australia has a giant hole in their ozone and that the sun is extremely strong here. I can now vouch for that. You can feel the rays on your skin here like nowhere else I've ever been. I'm constantly lathering up with 30SPF yet still managed to get slightly burnt on my stomach. Fascinating stuff.

I'd like to give a belated birthday shout-out to Dina Kerman. What better belated birthday present then getting your name on the hottest new website on the WWW?

I'm off to Cairnes in a few hours where I'll be scuba diving for the next two days. Dad, I promise to do my best not to get eaten by a great white. However, if I do, promise me that you'll avenge my death. Thanks!