Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been told time and again that Hanoi gets really cold in winter. At first I brushed this off thinking that Vietnamese people were just used to warm weather. However, it has been downright freezing this fall making me think that winter will be ice cold.

I think the main reason that it is so cold is that no buildings have heat. And for that matter, they probably don't have insulation either. So, I came up with a plan -- ADULT ONESIES. Yeah, onesies. I'm talking about an adult version of those adorable little outfits that infants wear. Well, I told the idea to Huyen and she thought it was really funny so we went to a tailor to see if it could be done. I printed up some pictures from online of exactly what I wanted (I'm not reinventing the wheel here since you can actually buy them online). The tailors looked at the pictures and laughed but said it was doable.

The next step was Huyen and I getting fabric. We went to the fabric market and searched high and low until we found the perfect material and pattern. We went with a 75% cotton, 15% wool blend which is both comfortable and warm.

Before I left the onesies weren't finished (they had forgotten to make us our butt-flaps and didn't sew on the shoes) but they let us try them on. Check it out: