Wednesday, July 22, 2009


(PICTURE: Inside that envelope is my contract to work in Japan.)

It's official -- I'm going to Japan. After a long application process, I was recently accepted into the Westgate University Program. I will be spending three months in Japan teaching at a university. I won't know exactly where I'll be placed until a month before I start but I have requested to be placed in the countryside or a small city. As exciting as I'm sure Tokyo is, the thought of being somewhere a little off the beaten path is more alluring to me.

Everyone keeps asking me if Huyen will be coming with me. Sadly, she will not be. However, hopefully she'll be able to come visit at some point. As much as I would love for her to come with me, I realize she has her career in Vietnam to think about. After this stint though, I'll be going back to Hanoi for six months before I head to South Africa for the World Cup. Yup, it's gonna be another crazy year!