Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pressure Cooker

(PICTURE: The pressure cooker we bought Hoai.)

At some point in Hue, Huyen and I were sent out to buy a pressure cooker. While shopping for one, Huyen informed me that the purpose of the cooker was to be able to cook pigs' feet for Hoai. I had heard of cravings while pregnant, but a craving for pigs' feet post-birth seemed just weird. Well, it turned out that Vietnamese think that eating pigs' feet will help a mother produce more breast milk.

Producing breast milk and breast feeding became a big topic of conversation throughout our stay in Hue. My mother is a big advocate of breast feeding and that mothers shouldn't feel like they need to breast feed in private. Well, my mother would have loved to been in Hue because boobies were out 22/7. I swear, Nhat Minh was the thirstiest infant I've ever been around.

One of the questions that arose was how long Vietnamese mothers usually breast feed for. The answer I got was usually around 6 months to 3 years (or even up to 5 years!). I asked my mom how long Americans usually breastfeed for and should told me it varies. Specifically she told me that I breastfed for 16 months which was 4 months longer than my brother. However it wasn't even close to the embarrassingly long amount of time my sister breast fed for. Lets just say the number is bigger than 23 and small than 48!