Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Waterfall

As I mentioned yesterday, we all washed off under the waterfall in Tam Dao. When I say "all" of us I'm including Huyen. For Huyen to get in the water was a huge act of bravery. Like the majority of Vietnamese people Huyen can't swim. In fact, Huyen has never been in a pool. Not even in the shallow end. She doesn't even own a bathing suit. Swimming just isn't something she does.

That said, Huyen was more than excited to jump into the SHALLOW waterfall pool with us in Tam Dao. Out of the 30+ Vietnamese people hanging out by the waterfall she was the ONLY one to get into the water. Most people there looked at her as if she was just as crazy as her foreign friends.

Here's a video of Huyen and Loren under the freezing waterfall:

This Sunday Huyen will be presenting her thesis to the faculty at the Hanoi Foreign Trade University. As a graduation present I will be buying her swim lessons at a local hotel ($100 for 30 sessions in a pool with an instructor).