Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hannah's Ao Dai

(PICTURE: Huyen and the tailor who sewed Hannah's dress.)

For those who read the comments on my blog, you'll have noticed that my sister really wants to wear an ao dai to the wedding in December. Well, her wish has come true -- I had an ao dai made for her in Hue.

In Hue, wearing an ao dai is much more common than in Hanoi. It seemed like everywhere I looked in Hue, there was a girl riding a bicycle with an ao dai on (I think this had to do with ao dais being a school uniform at some school). Because of the demand for ao dais, it meant there were more shops and cheaper prices.

I had told Huyen she should buy a second ao dai for our wedding while we were in Hue. While we were shopping for her, I saw an ao dai that I thought my sister would really like. Well, I emailed Hannah who said her first choice would be a maroon ao dai. Do I know my sister well or what because the one I picked out was indeed maroon-ish. So Hannah sent me her measurements and Huyen and I had her an ao dai made! I can't wait to see Hannah in this in December:

(PICTURE: Huyen modeling the ao dai fabric for Hannah's dress. She'll be wearing white pants with this.)