Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Reasons We Brought Everyone To Mai Chau

Without a doubt, Mai Chau is one of my favorite places in Southeast Asia. Here's four reasons why:

Reason #1 that I love Mai Chau: The Natural Beauty

When we arrived, it was dark and everyone couldn't really take in the beauty of the place. The next morning though, the skies were clear and everyone quickly realized why I brought them there.

(PICTURE: The view from our stilt house.)

(PICTURE: Our neighbors.)

Reason #2 that I love Mai Chau: The Stilt Houses

There's just something fun about sleeping ten feet off the ground. At my favorite guest house they have three stilt houses. Everyone was kind enough to give Huyen and I our own house...

(PICTURE: Yes, that's a heart shape we're making.)

...and the other married couple too:

(PICTURE: Anthony and Mark checking out the view.)

Reason #3 that I love Mai Chau: The Shopping

I had told everyone that they could plan on buying all their Christmas gifts/souvenirs in Mai Chau. The women there make beautifully intricate woven handicrafts.

(PICTURE: JR with his soon-t0-be Christmas present for someone and the woman who made it.)

Reason #4 that I love Mai Chau: The Food

Linh Soi, my favorite guest house owner, has quite the chef at her place. At night we dined on fresh fish, spring rolls, mixed veggies, eggs and green beans. For breakfast we had banana crepes with honey right from the comb.

(PICTURE: Dinner.)

(PICTURE: Breakfast.)