Friday, February 18, 2011

Fired Up At The Gym

One thing that I always find amusing about the gym is how blatantly guys check out girls. Hell, I'm as guilty as the next dude for diverting my eyes to a cute girl on a treadmill. You know, before marriage that is. It's just human nature that when there's a pretty girl, guys instinctively turn their heads. Don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting those who stare, drool or turn back every half second. I'm only saying that it's normal when a guy double takes at a beautiful woman.

At the gym I go to in Hanoi there is very rarely any girls, let alone attractive girls. To solve this problem, the guys who work out there usually put on Fashion TV and oggle at runway models as they lift weights. Recently though I had the remote control and turned on HBO. The movie "Fired Up" started to play and it seemed like a good mindless flick to pay attention to while on the elliptical. The movie is about two high school jocks who decide to go to cheerleading camp in order to meet/hook up with beautiful girls. Frankly, it's a genius teen comedy concept. Most of the movie takes place at the cheerleading camp which means most of the time there were gorgeous girls on the screen. Before I knew it, every guy in the gym started to gravitate towards the plasma TV; it was one of those rare moments in which I kicked myself for not having my camera on me. Picture a handful of Vietnamese guys, wearing work out gear, standing in a semi-circle, drooling at a plasma TV about a foot above their heads. These guys literally spent twenty minutes staring at the screen like it was the first time they had seen a girl in a mini skirt. I'm not sure why I found it so funny/blog worthy but there's just something about natural instincts that made these guys forget their workouts to stare at girls on a TV.