Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert

I just read that Tim Russert died today. This saddens me terribly. Tim Russert was far and away one of my favorite journalist and from what I know and have read, a very good man.

This Morning I'm A Man

10:12AM. Saw the rodent again in my kitchen. With the morning light I could tell it's a mouse. I didn't scream like a girl today and am about to walk to the store to buy some sticky pads. The question is, what do I do once the mouse is caught on the sticky pad. Do I need to buy a baseball bat too? And what if there are more?!

I Just Screamed Like A Girl

1:29AM. I just went downstairs to get water before going to bed. I flicked on the light and the hairiest, dirtiest rat/mouse thing I've ever seen scurried across the kitchen and ran behind the refrigerator. I believe I screamed, "Holy Shit-Jesus-what-the-hell." Second later Ryan came charging down the stairs in just his trousers (I say trousers now instead of pants since I've been teaching British English): and mumbled, "who's there?" I explained to him the situation and we both kicked water bottles behind the refrigerator to see if the thing would come running out. Tomorrow morning I'm buying traps (which I saw at the store the other day when buying cockroach spray and thought, "At least we don't have mice or rats.").

Ironically Brett Goldstein just emailed me about the post from yesterday and asked, "are there any other critters you're not telling us about." This is your fault, Brett.