Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Google Analytics

Some of you may have noticed that about a week ago I took down the counter on my website. I decided that instead of having a counter with some annoying advertisement I'd instead sign up for google analytics.

For those of you who have never heard of google analytics, don't worry, neither did I until last week. Basically it's a free google site that tells you nearly everything about who is visiting your website. When I say nearly everything, I mean nearly everything. It's basically the real life version of Orwell's Big Brother. I can now see where people are logging on to my site, for how long, how often, where they are coming from, going to, etc. So yeah, those of you who pretend to read my blog, I now know you're not OR just reading it for two seconds.

After a week here is some of the cooler information I've gotten:
1. I had 582 visits on my site last week.
2. I had 236 Unique Visitors. That means 236 different people read my blog. That's 234 more than I thought...the two being my mother and I.
3. The Average person reads my blog for 5 minutes and 18 seconds.
4. The Average Person in Livingston, NJ (my hometown) reads my blog for 1:31 seconds. That means my MOTHER gets bored from my website faster than almost everyone else!
5. In the USA, I'm the most popular in California. I had 97 hits there last week. That's followed by 90 in NYC, 50 in NJ, 12 in Colorado (Hi, Ryan's family!), and 11 in Illinois. After that I've got people in 17 other states reading my blog. Pretty cool....except for the fact that only 8 people are reading it in DC. Come on, Hannah, I thought you got your friends to bookmark my site!!!
6. My blog is also popular in other places. I currently have people reading my blog in 18 countries: USA, Canada, Vietnam, Israel, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Greece and China.

That said, the COOLEST thing about google analytics is I can see how people FOUND my site. For example, what did they put into google as search words that gave them ahoyhanoi. The number 1 search people have used is pretty obvious: "ahoy hanoi." Well, the second one isn't quite as obvious and well it is frankly HILARIOUS. Can you guess what it is? I'll give you ten seconds:
Okay, the number two search put into google to find my website is: "VIETNAMESE GIRLFRIEND NEEDED." That's not as random as you think. The #8 most used search words were, "Vietnamese Girlfriend." I also like the 16th and 17th most searched words: "Hanoi Famous Massage Place" and "Hanoi + Massages." Number 23 is great too: "Meeting Girls In Hanoi."

Ahoy Hanoi offers a little something for everyone!