Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank You, Hang!

(PICTURE: Heather and Hang at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum complex.)

The day before the wedding, my group of family and friends was greatly assisted by Hang. Hang was our "local" on the bus who helped to navigate any and all issues that came up. Hang helped to arrainge for our wedding flowers to be dropped off. Hang helped direct the bus driver what to do. Hang helped be an unofficial tour guide. Hang helped place drink orders at lunch. Hang helped get family and friends extra sheets at the hotel. Hang helped...well, she helped with a lot of things.

While doing that, she also formed a bunch of friendships with my guests. I think the strongest friendship she made was with Heather, my good friend Noah's mom. I remember at some point during the wedding (or was it the night before) being asked to take a photo of Hang and Heather. I mean, the friendship was that strong that the groom had to take photos of them!

Last year, Hang studied abroad in England. She really enjoyed England but I'm pretty sure she didn't make as many English friends in that year as she made American friends in two days of hanging out with my peeps. That's probably because she never met anyone quite like Anthony or Mark in England.

(PICTURE: Hang and Anthony at the an hoi.)

(PICTURE: Hang and Mark at the wedding.)

Thanks for everything, Hang!