Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meeting Lilah

(Picture: The August Kids)

Within the first twenty four hours of returning home I was greeted with two amazing things. The first was a foot long Espesito's roast beef sandwich with sweet red peppers, balsamic vinegar and the works. The second amazing thing was my niece, Lilah. I'm torn about which to write about but since I didn't get any pictures of the sandwich before I devoured it, I'll write about Lilah.

I make no qualms about it -- I don't know much about kids. One thing I do know though is that most kids cry, making them the least preferable person to sit next to on a plane. However, not a tear or a scream or any unpleasant siren-like sound came out of Lilah when my brother handed her to me. Lilah simply looked at me as if to say, "Who is this guy that I'm suppose to entertain now?" After a few moments of mutual curious stares, Zev told me to rub my cheek against her because she likes scruff. After a few gentle brushes with my five o'clock shadow, I had Lilah in the palm of my hand...or maybe she had me in the palm of her hand. Five minutes later I was feeding her some mashed fruit goodness:

As I've mentioned on the blog before, nearly every day that I was away, my brother emailed me pictures and videos of Lilah. I really felt like I was almost there with my family watching Lilah grow up these past months. However, like many other things in life, there's just nothing like the real thing. Holding my beautiful niece in my arms was definitely second to none.