Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Jordan Major!

(PICTURE: Those cheeks are only gonna get chubbier with Tay and Andrew's cooking.)

Congratulations to my great friends Taylor and Andrew on the birth of their little girl Jordan Major!

(PICTURE: Mom and daughter.)

Jordan really couldn't be luckier to have been born into this family. Tay and Andrew are two of the greatest people on the planet and are gonna be fantastic parents. I've got to admit that I'm jealous of Jordan as she is gonna enjoy a lifetime of great meals as Tay and Andrew are perhaps the best cooks on the west side of Los Angeles.

(PICTURE: Dad and daughter.)

I've said it before but being away for moments like these is the hardest part of living abroad. I can't wait to meet Jordan in person this summer! I hope she'll be able to deal with six months worth of pent up hugs!