Friday, October 29, 2010

Dinner Parties in America!

(PICTURE: We hope we're gonna be eating Grape Nuts out of these bowls in '11.)

Whose ready for some dinner parties in America?! We sure are!

Huyen, Su and I headed to the ceramic village last weekend and went dishes/bowls/cups/tea-set buying crazy. Huyen and I had seen some bowls that we loved a couple months ago and decided to hunt for them in the place that all the ceramics are made. Initially we had some trouble finding the types of bowls we wanted. Lots of stores had one or two of everything but nothing really matched and we were told that nobody made the type of stuff we wanted anymore. However, we didn't give up and with the help of Su, we eventually found what we were looking for.

As you know from reading the blog, Huyen and Su grew up in a house that sells ceramics which basically makes them experts in the field. We ended up buying about 35 Kilos of stuff for our future kitchen. From my rough estimates, I would assume all of the stuff we bought would probably sell for at least $500 in America. Here, where it's actually made, it cost about $75. I would have bought more but after lifting the box they were packed in, I not-so-quickly realized that we now need to get 35 Kg of ceramics back to America. Sooooooo family and friends coming to the wedding: Please pack light!

(PICTURE: Su putting together some of the bowls/cups/dishes that we bought.)