Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teacher Of The Year

It's official: My students love me.

A couple weeks ago one of my classes finished and after the last class two of my students bashfully came up to me and presented me with presents. I got a sweet new key chain and a mug that says, "Friend Forever." That's right, I've got a Vietnamese friend forever!!!

(PICTURE: My new favorite mug and key chain)

I really appreciated the gifts but what I liked even better were the cards:

In case you can't read the cards they say:

CARD 1: I wish you have a good life and a succeed job. Thanks to you, my speaking and listening is better. Student, Van <=Cloudy>

CARD 2: The course has just finished. I have a gift for you. And I want to say that during the course, you done very well. I regret to not continue studying there. I am always your friend. Best wishes for you, An.

Now the question arises: Why didn't my other twelve students write me cards/buy me gifts!