Tuesday, November 25, 2008

James Bond

(PICTURE: Nguyen. Huyen Nguyen. Shaken not stirred.)

Huyen and I saw the new James Bond movie the other night. We both thought it was great and left the theater pretending we were spies. I'm now trying to convince Huyen to introduce herself to people like Bond: "Nguyen. Huyen Nguyen." It just rolls off the tongue.

Anyway, there are always reminders that I'm living in a socialist country and seeing the movie was just another small one. It was quite clear that portions of the movie had been edited to fit Vietnamese cultural standards. Frankly, I paid money to see Daniel Craig with his shirt off and only got a glimpse of his Adonis like body for a mere two seconds. Clearly they had edited out the sex scene(s). From what I could tell there was just one but who knows. There was also another time or two during the movie that the action would just cut and resume in a different scene indicating something was missing.

Despite that the movie was still really enjoyable. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Daniel Craig is the best Bond yet.
(PICTURE: Wayyyyy more skin then they showed in the theatres here.)