Thursday, December 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

Here are some other odds and ends from Ko Phanang:

1. I woke up one morning and Hannah was doing pilates on the beach. That was roughly 9 days ago. She's been complaining she was sore up until yesterday.

2. For the most part Lonely Planet has been a pretty poor source of information. Many of the time tables are wrong as well as nearly every quoted price in the book. We've also had much more luck finding tastier food on our own compared to their recommendations. However, they did recommend a kick butt place for sunsets -- Amsterdam Bar. Every night on Ko Phanang Hannah and I would drive up this hill to a bar overlooking the west coast of the island. The place not only had a beautiful view of the sunset but also amazing fruit shakes.

3. Hannah is a slob. Yes, a slob. She has the unbelievable ability to dump out her bag all over a room. This is a picture of a hotel we stayed in just for a night before departing the island. Notice my bag in the foreground versus hers in the background.

4. It seems to me that every place Hannah and I go to Bob Marley's voice is pouring out of the speakers. On Ko Phanang there is even a Bob Marley village near Sallad Beach...and about twenty dudes (Thai and foreign) who look like Bob Marley. This is just a general question: at any given moment, how many beach/island resorts/bars around the world are playing Bob Marley at the same exact time? My guess is at least 10,000. On Ko Phanang alone there are probably 75.