Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Terrible Wedding News -- There Will Be No Hora Dance

(PICTURE: Sadly, this won't be Huyen and me at our wedding.)

I'm very saddened to report that there will be no hora dance at our wedding. As much as I want to have the dance be part of the celebration, there just won't be any room at Huyen's parents' house. I keep talking about Huyen's parents' new home, but I don't think I've really explained well how big it is. Well, it's just not that big especially when you consider that there will be basically two shifts of two hundred people coming to the house. That's right, we're expecting about four hundred people at the wedding. In order to accommodate everyone, there will be tables covering 99% of the space at Huyen's house. With that many people and tables, there's just no space for a dance floor.

That said, we will definitely try and get a hora dance going on the second night of our post-wedding trip with friends and family at the bonfire we have planned!