Monday, August 30, 2010

900th Post!

I'm only gonna take a moment to recognize this milestone for Ahoy Hanoi. This entry is officially the 900th post! Personally, I can't believe I've written 900 times. The sheer amount of it just seems, well, huge. I guess it has been like building a house, you lay one brick at a time and at then end of the day you take a step back and realize you've just built a wall.

900 seems like a huge number but really how can I celebrate it with my 1,000th post just around the corner? Doing some simple math (which is all I'm really good at), if I write a blog a day for the next 100 days, my 1,000th entry will post 10 days before my wedding. Realistically though, I'm gonna miss a day once in a while (sorry, mom, but it's true). So in actuality, my 1,000th blog might be about Huyen's and my wedding. I don't know about you, but I think that'll be a pretty cool way to celebrate a really momentous milestone.

For those of you who like statistics, here's the latest from Google Analytics*:
- Ahoy Hanoi has had over 126,000 pageviews.
- Ahoy Hanoi has had over 19,000 absolute unique visitors.
- 3.37% of my readers use dial-up to log into the site. Seriously, dial-up.
- Ahoy Hanoi has been read in 133 countries including Iraq, the Palestinian Territories and Bosnia and Herzegovnia. It has also been read in places I didn't even know were countries like: Tajikistan, Greenland (It's part of Denmark, right?), Macedonia, Guernsey and Vanuatu.
- After going two years without a viewer in South Dakota, I've now got seven!...two more than in North Dakota.
- I've got more readers in California than New York and New Jersey. I guess we know who wants to win the East Coast vs. West Coast re-settlement debate!

*These stats do not include the first seven months of the blog.