Friday, April 24, 2009

I Am 30.

I'm not sure what scares me most:

1. Today I'm thirty years old.

2. In two weeks I'll be thirty years old AND unemployed.

3. In two weeks and a few days I'll be thirty years old, unemployed AND living at home.

Last night in Vietnam I celebrated my birthday the same way I celebrated my 10th or 11th birthday -- with a bowling party/Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser. (NOTE: I'm writing this entry before the party so I have no pictures to post yet). A quick funny story: I sent out an email to everyone I play frisbee with about my party. The subject was: "Ben's Ba Buoi Bowling Birthday Bash." Well, I had a little typo in the subject. It should have read: Ben's Ba Muoi Bowling Birthday Bash. Ba Moui means 30. Ba Boui means "3 Penises." Yeah, I got a few emails from people about the typo.

My mom always tells me that out of her three kids, I was the most restless inside her womb. My mom said I kicked all the time and as the story goes, I was moving around so much that I nearly strangled myself on the umbilical chord. I guess things haven't changed that much in thirty years since I'm still really restless. My sister thinks that I moved to Vietnam because I had a quarter life crisis freak out. The truth is though, I just don't like to feel stuck somewhere for too long.

To celebrate being thirty, I asked my mom to email me some pictures of me as a baby and as a little kid. It's cool to see pictures of myself, but it is even cooler to see pictures of my parents who weren't that much older than I am now. My mom, with the help of my sister, actually scanned these pictures. My mom using a scanner is up there with the biggest surprises in the first thirty years of my life. Here's some pictures of fat little me:

For those of you who didn't read yesterday's blog, go check it out now. For my birthday present I want everyone to send me a check which I'll donate to Habitat for Humanity in Vietnam. Thanks in advance.

Oh, and Mom and Dad, thanks for everything these last thirty years.