Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nose!

(PICTURE: The two biggest shnozes to ever come out of New Jersey.)

I love Jeremy Bier for a thousand reasons. Here's one: Because of Jeremy, my dad stopped calling me "nose" around age 14. Thanks, Bier! Happy Birthday!!!

I know I've had a lot of birthday posting recently and that's because, well, most of my best friends were all born around the same time. Actually, the summer that I turned 21, Jeremy, myself, Alex and Brett (all born the same week) went to a bar in Union Square, NY. As we showed the bouncer our IDs he did a double take. He looked at us and asked something like, "Are these real? You all turned 21 this week?" We said yes and walked into the bar.

To add to this post, I'll give a little fact about Vietnamese birthdays. In Vietnam, you are supposed to buy everyone dinner/drinks at your birthday party. To me, this is a great idea. How many times have you gone to a dinner for a friend's birthday and ended up splitting a bill that seemingly cost way more than you'd ever spend on dinner? Here if you want to go to a nice restaurant for your birthday you pay for it. If you want to go to a dive bar you pay for it. And conversely whenever you go to a friends' birthday you don't pay a cent. It's a good system.

What I'm trying to say is, Bier you owe me dinner for your birthday. Thanks.

Please send Jeremy's birthday gifts to me and I'll donate them to Habitat For Humanity. Thanks!