Monday, January 31, 2011


I've written in the past how my cousins are notorious for falling asleep at Thanksgiving meals. Really though, they're notorious for falling asleep everywhere and anywhere. To show that they haven't lost a step, both Justin and Dana passed out at our bonfire in Mai Chau. They were dreaming away for a solid twenty minutes before someone had the genius idea of pulling a prank on them.

We all started to get up when our movements woke Dana. Naturally we pretended that we were gonna wake her up anyway and only pull the prank on Justin. We quickly gathered our stuff and executed the plan: We would all hide about a hundred feet away, behind a tree, and yell, "JUSTIN!!!". Justin, half asleep, would wake up in the middle of a field in Vietnam and wonder what the hell had happened.

When we started to sneak away, my amazingly brilliant wife thought of the perfect element to the plan to make it over-the-top hilarious -- Huyen asked a local villager who was nearby to go wake up Justin. So let me summarize the prank set-up: an old-ish village lady was about to wake up my cousin who was passed out all alone on a field in the middle of nowhere in Vietnam. Sure, it was probably a had to be there moment but I still find this video to be funny...despite not really being able to see anything on the video:

NOTE: The flashing light at the end is Justin shining his flashlight at us once he knew what the deal was.