Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Augusts Are Coming! The Augusts Are Coming!

(PICTURE: The next time we'll beat eating in a restaurant together the restaurant most likely won't have windows, walls, a floor that isn't the sidewalk, plants, sterile cups, clean silverware, ketchup, padded seats, customers wearing baseball hats, or well, other white people.)

The Vietnamese Paul Revere just rode by my window on a motorbike screaming, "The Augusts Are Coming!!!"

That's right, Mom and Dad have booked a trip to Vietnam! They'll be here at the end of October. I'm not only really excited for their visit but I'm also really proud that they're taking this vacation. They are going to do a group trip which will take them all over Vietnam and to Cambodia. They're going to fly to Hanoi a few days prior to the rest of their group so they can spend extra time with yours truly.

As some of you may know, my mother isn't much of a flier. And well, it's kind of a long flight(s) to Hanoi. My mom sent me this message yesterday:

ok - so: How do I love thee?.... Enough to take 11 planes in 16 days
Eough to come to a country full of strange creatures
Enough to travel 1/2 way around the world
Yepp... love you,xxxx mom

I told her that reason number 1 and 3 were basically the same thing which makes me slightly offended that she only loves me two ways.

I'm sure October will be here before I know it. It's just four months away. That should be just enough time for:
1. Me to kill the last bugs/rats/spiders/mysterious future creatures in my house.
2. Huyen to convert to Judaism so that my mother and father will invite her to dinner.
3. My beard to get bushy enough for my dad to be able to rip it off my face when he sees me.

Love you, Mom and Dad!...but I'll love you much more if you walk out of the arrival gate at Hanoi airport with an Espositos sandwich in hand.