Friday, February 12, 2010

700th Post!!!!

(PICTURE: Me contemplating my first post a few years ago.)

If this post confirms anything, it's that I've spent way too much time in front of my computer over the last two years. Yes, this is my 700th post!!

It feels surreal that I've actually written 700 of these things and well, I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back. I'm really proud of myself for sticking with this blog thing over the last two years. Today my computer ran out of memory (don't freak out, this has happened about fifteen times already) and I had to move some pictures and movies on to my external hard drive. While doing so, I looked back at a whole bunch of pictures from the past ten years. Pictures from a trip to New Zealand with my buddy Chris. Pictures from Croatia, Greece and Italy with my friend Tom. Pictures from RV trips that my gang used to take annually in LA. Pictures of old girlfriends, pictures of concerts, pictures of work trips, pictures of weddings, pictures of...well you get the idea. It was great to think about some of my old experiences but then it hit me -- it would be so much greater if I had written stories and kept journals of those trips and events.

As I get older, my memory is only so good. The beauty of the blog is that from time to time I can go back and read old entries and totally recall what I wrote about. Personally it's an awesome feeling knowing that my whole adventure -- and especially my whole love story with Huyen -- is documented online forever. Right before I left America in 2008, my brother, cousins and I videotaped our grandmother. We asked her a whole bunch of questions so we could always look back on the tapes in the future and show them to our grandkids. I just hope that one day my kids and my kid's kids log on to Ahoy Hanoi and can see exactly how their branch of the family tree came about...
(PICTURE: The first picture that Huyen and I took together...that wasn't stolen by the ninjas.)

Yes, I know by writing this post blogspot will crash immediately and delete all 700 posts.