Friday, January 7, 2011


After visiting Uncle Ho, my group piled into our giant pink bus and headed for lunch. Huyen and I had pre-ordered a bunch of food at one of our favorite clay pot restaurants:

(PICTURE: The crew at lunch.)

At some point, while everyone was eating, my student Huyen showed up with a few boxes of flowers:

(PICTURE: Two boxes of roses that Huyen, my student, put together.)

As a wedding present to Huyen and me, my student Huyen had personally bought and arrainged all of the flowers for our wedding. Huyen (my student) must have been a florist in a previous life because she did an amazing job putting together center pieces, corsages and bouquets for the wedding. Huyen (my wife) and I were very touched at Huyen's wedding present especially since Huyen (my student) couldn't actually attend the wedding. On top of that, this gift was extra special to us since we had forgotten to order flowers!