Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Class

Do I look like a giant in this picture? Well, I'm actually much taller than it appears. The boys in the back were all standing on their toes and attempting to push/pull me down at the same time.
Just to update everyone on the proposed picnic: turns out that the picnic was to leave at 7AM for an amusement park an hour or so away. Hien told me it was a bad idea since we'd have to get on the highway which isn't ideal for young motorbikers. With a little negotiation Hien managed to talk the class into going to karaoke instead. When they asked which I'd rather do I said, "Karaoke. This way we don't have to leave at 7AM." Linh, translating for the students then replyed, "Okay, you can karaoke at 10AM then." Apparently karaoke is a daytime, non drinking activity in HCMC. God help this place.