Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last week, Huyen and I shipped a box to America. The box weighed 14.6kg/32lbs and was filled with some clothes, shoes and three stuff animals. Instead of buying plane tickets for our three stuffed animals we decided to let them enjoy a long trip back at sea. Yes, at sea. We had the option to fly our box or to put it on a boat. As you can imagine, the price to fly a 32lb box is significantly higher than to ship it on a ship (I'm assuming the term "ship it" must have originated because everything used to be on ships). To sum up the Vietnamese postal system, I can tell you two things that we were told after paying our $70.

#1: No, there is no tracking number.

#2: The box will arrive in one month at the earliest...and six months at the latest.

So, Mom, can you please wait for the postal worker starting in May and just hang out until he shows up in November?

Oh, you might be asking yourself why we're sending our stuffed animals. It's because whenever we skype with my niece Lilah, she always asks to see the monkey. The monkey being one of the stuffed animals. At some point we also started to show her a stuffed animal doggie who she also took a liking too. The third animal I bought for Huyen in Laos and how the heck could we leave him behind when his other two friends are cruising to New Jersey?