Friday, October 24, 2008

Mom and Dad Meet My Classes

It was officially "Take Your Parents To School Day" in Vietnam yesterday. Mom and Dad swung by Language Link and got to see the school and meet a whole bunch of my students.

Luckily for my parents, yesterday was the best day of the semester for my classes -- the day after final exams. As I've mentioned before, teachers always go out with their students during the last class. My first class went to dinner together and ate hot pot. Here's a video:

My next class went out to a cafe and had coffee. Here are some of the highlights from the night:
1. My students telling me that, "Your father is more handsome than you."
2. My students all agreeing that, "You don't look like your family."
3. Receiving three more gifts from students including this awesome hand knit scarf that reads, "Happy Time. We Do Miss U!"
It was made Phuong, one of my favorite students:

4. Being invited to my first Vietnamese wedding on November 20th...which is also coincidentally Vietnamese teacher day.

5. One of my students asking me what my Dad's name was. I said, "Buddy" and he looked shocked. He said, "Really? Like friend or pal? That's cool!"

At the end of the night we took a class picture.


I've got great news for everyone: This afternoon I got an email from Hayden. He wrote:


Your a top bloke.

I just got out of hospital today and will recover for a while on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Hope all is well with you and thanks for your kind email.


I wrote Hayden back and told him that dozens of you sent me emails wishing him well. It was a great sight seeing Hayden's name pop up in my inbox. Thank you again to everyone for keeping Hayden in your thoughts!