Monday, November 3, 2008

The World Is Watching: Vote Obama

Over the past eight months I've traveled to Australia, China, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia and obviously Vietnam. I can honestly tell you that every foreigner/non-US citizen I have met has the same opinion about the US election: "I hope Obama wins."

For the most part, everyone I have talked politics with has respected America but feels that over the last few years our country has been headed in the wrong direction. Echoing Obama's message, people from around the world want to see America change for the better. Sometimes it takes an outsider to get a fair and honest opinion.

I'll keep this short and sweet: GO VOTE FOR OBAMA!

Flood Videos: Day 1

On Friday morning I went out at 7:30AM for my usual pho breakfast. As I turned the corner though I noticed something -- the street was flooded. My little alley must be slightly elevated because it was completely dry versus the neighboring street which had about a foot of water. I looked at a girl who happened to turn the corner at the same moment as me and raised my eyebrows to say, "Whoah." She gave me an equally surprised look. I turned around and walked to my second breakfast spot in the opposite direction. When I got the restaurant choice B I was equally surprised to see that only three people were on the street. Why is this so surprising? Well, my second restaurant spot is in the middle of a lake-side market which generally has at least a hundred people buying and selling food. Luckily one of the three people there was my breakfast lady who served me a delicious hot breakfast.

A couple hours later I went back outside and noticed that my street was now flooded. Only about a thirty foot section of my street was still dry -- luckily my house was smack in the middle of that section.

Anyway, my camera has officially dried and is being recognized again by my computer. I put together this little two minute video of the first day of the flood: